Comparative Literature
Poetry in Pieces: César Vallejo and Lyric Modernity (University of California Press, 2011)

"Michelle Clayton reads Vallejo's poems like a virtuoso." -- Benigno Trigo, Hispanic Review

"Poetry in Pieces  [...] foregrounds, at every step, the strategic and corporeal experiences that inflect how one reads and writes. This book is admirable not only for its brilliant, multiple readings of Vallejo, but also for its implicit mapping out of a terrain of scholarship, a mode of reading, a strategically shifting location in academia." -- Sarah Ann Wells, A contracorriente

" a much-needed addition to the English-language literature on this Peruvian poet. [...] A talented comparatist, Clayton situates Vallejo in the wider context of twentieth-century literary history, drawing extremely insightful connections between, alternately, Vallejo's linguistic invention and Joycean aesthetics, his political engagement and the positions held by figures like Vicente Huidobro or André Breton, and his efforts to write a socialist-realist novel [...]  and Soviet debates on the relationship between literature and revolution." -- Rubén Gallo, Modernism/modernity

" an outstanding study that enriches not only our understanding of Vallejo, but also the broader fields of Latin American literature, international avant-garde culture, and modern poetry" -- Leslie Bayers,Revista canadiense de estudios hispánicos