Comparative Literature

The Andrea Rosenthal Memorial Lecture

About the Lecture Fund

The Andrea Rosenthal Lecture Fund was established by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rosenthal to remind us of their daughter Andrea’s inexhaustible spirit of enquiry. Dr. Young H. Moon, father of Edward ’92 and Gerald ’94, made a further gift to underwrite this endowment.

About Andrea Rosenthal

Andrea Rosenthal graduated from Brown University in 1988, with a degree in Art History.  She also took many courses in Comparative Literature, and inspired by her studies of Japanese literature, she went to Japan after graduation.  On the evening of December 21, 1988, Andrea was on her way home for Christmas vacation.  Along with 269 others, including three other Brown undergraduates, she was killed in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.

Previous Rosenthal Lecturers

2002 Roland Greene
2003 (Spring) Doris Sommer
2003 (Fall) Naoki Sakai
2004 Geoffrey Hill
2005 Stanley Corngold
2007 (Spring) E.L. Doctorow
2007 (Fall) Stathis Gourgouris
2009 (Spring) Gayatri Spivak
2009 (Fall) Lawrence Venuti
2011 Leela Gandhi
2012 Haun Saussy
2014 (Spring) William Flesch
2014 (Fall) Ken Auletta
2015 Eleanor Kaufman
2016 Emily Apter
2017 Shu-Mei Shih 
2018 Isabel Hofmeyr
2019 James I. Porter
2022 Reginald Jackson