Comparative Literature

Department Undergraduate Group

The DUG hopes to bring concentrators in closer contact with faculty, one another, and the broader field of literary studies to better our understanding of Comparative Literature both inside and outside of Brown. 

Come here to find out what the DUG is planning, how to become more involved, and where you can find some good Comp Lit-related web links. 

For information on the Comparative Literature DUG and/or to get involved, please contact our 2022-2023 DUG leaders. 

DUG Leaders

Track 1: Two Languages

Kian Braulik '24
English & Japanese 

Elizabeth Haupt '24
English & French 

Katherine Xiong '23
English & Chinese

Track 2: Three Languages

Sunny Choi '24
English, German, & Korean 

Jenna Cooley '24
English, Spanish, & Chinese 

Selina Liu '24
English, French, & Chinese

Track 3: Literary Translation

Ayanna Tafe '23
Latin & French

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