Comparative Literature

Studying Literature: A BDH Letter from Prof. Arnold Weinstein

In the April 8th issue of the Brown Daily Herald, Comp Lit professor, Arnold Weinstein, had a letter published entitled, “The Case for Studying Literature at Brown”.

Prof. Weinstein’s letter articulates the importance of the study of literature, the plight of humanities subjects, and his own personal experiences.

Prof. Weinstein writes, “As an identical twin — only our closest friends in school could distinguish between Arnold and Philip Weinstein — I have a much blurrier picture of human contours than other folks do, and a stronger sense that identity is a more mobile and promiscuous item than we often realize. Further, my identity as a twin has shaped my thinking when it comes to reading literature. I’m convinced that you do not read a novel or poem in remotely the same way you read math or physics or economics — or even history or philosophy. It will sound loopy, but I believe we read literature to become other.”

You can read the full article on the BDH website. 

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