Comparative Literature

2022 Comp Lit Honors Thesis Forum

Comp Lit senior concentrators may choose to do an honors thesis. Most students require two semesters to plan and complete an Honors Thesis, which is usually between 50 and 100 pages long.

The Comp Lit Honors Thesis involves a significant amount of research on a topic that involves work in each of the foreign languages the students have presented for their degree.  After the completion of their thesis, the students have the opportunity to present their work at a forum at the end of the academic year.  

This year, there will be presentations of honors theses by Comp Lit students, followed by a roundtable discussion moderated by Comp Lit DUS, Prof. Elias Muhanna.  This year's students are:

  • Iznara Benoit-Kornhauser
  • Benjamin Connor
  • Daviana Perez
  • Neil Salzman
  • Penina Satlow
  • Michael Wang
  • Amelia Wyckoff

The Honors Thesis Forum will take place on Thursday, May 5th, at 5:30 pm in Friedman Hall, room 108.  If you are an undergraduate student interested in Comp Lit, a current Comp Lit concentrator considering pursuing honors, or have an interest in Comparative Literature, feel free to stop by! 

Congratulations to our honors students!


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