Comparative Literature

ACLA 2023 Conference Includes Presentations from Members of CompLit@Brown

The American Comparative Literature Association 2023 Annual Meeting is coming up later this month, and a handful of CompLit@Brown members will be presenting. The ACLA is the foremost scholarly organization in the US for scholars whose work encompasses multiple literatures and cultures as well as the intercultural study of literature.

Each year the ACLA hosts a conference that brings together experts from across the globe! At this year’s conference, Comp Lit PhD student, Mariajose Rodriguez Pliego is co-organizing a panel, along with CompLit@Brown alum, Angelina Waner.  The panel, entitled Unwritten Textualities: Boundaries of Form in Indigenous Cultural Production, will examine the way in which academic institutions study Indigenous cultural production.

Recent studies have highlighted the ways in which using western notions of literature limits our understanding of Indigenous forms of expression, which often take corporeal, visual, or tactile shapes that surpass the space of the page. This panel will reflect on the category of form and the ways it guides our study of Indigenous cultures.

Mariajose Rodriguez Pliego & ACLA logo

In addition to Mariajose’s panel, other presentations will include:

  • Measuring Rythm, by Susan Bernstein
  • Bodiless, Body Loss: On Form and Materiality in Medieval and Early Modern Ekphrastic Laments, by Alani Hicks-Bartlett
  • Economies of Prayer, by Marc Redfield
  • A Gift that Keeps on Taking: On Debt in Tieck’s “Der Runenberg”, by Zachary Sng

You can find information on more CompLit@Brown presenters, and the full list of the seminars and presentations on the ACLA Annual Meeting website