Comparative Literature

Northwestern University Hires Comp Lit PhD Candidate, Mariajosé Rodríguez Pliego

The English Department at Northwestern University is an active community comprised of renowned scholars whose teaching and research involve a variety of literary, cultural, and creative fields.

We are excited to share that sixth-year PhD candidate Mariajosé Rodríguez Pliego has accepted a tenure-track position at Northwestern University, where she will be an Assistant Professor of English. At Northwestern, Mariajosé will continue her research and teaching on Latinx and Indigenous literatures. At Brown's department of Comparative Literature, Mariajosé has worked with Professors Esther Whitfield and Ralph Rodriguez on her dissertation about how Latinx and Indigenous authors imagine nationhood and land ownership through storytelling.

Mariajose HeadshotMariajosé will defend her dissertation, Foundational Futures: Nation, Migration and Environment in the Literatures of Abiayala and then join the Northwestern English Department in the Fall.  Congratulations Mariajosé!