Comparative Literature

Tavid Mulder, former Comp Lit PhD student, publishes book based on dissertation

Former Comparative Literature PhD student, Tavid Mulder (’19), recently published a book based on the dissertation he wrote at Brown.

Tavid Mulder book coverUnder the guidance of thesis advisor Michelle Clayton, and with a committee composed of Esther Whitfield, Timothy Bewes and Emilio Sauri (UMASS-Boston), Tavid submitted his dissertation in December 2018, under the title The Peripheral Metropolis: The City, Montage, and Modernity. He subsequently reworked the dissertation in preparation for its publication as a book, adding a chapter on the Brazilian modernist Patrícia Galvão and refining the argument throughout about the relationship between modernist techniques and forms of social life in crisis, while also publishing separate articles inspired by parts of the dissertation in journals such as A ContracorrienteComparative Literature StudiesMediations, and Revista Hispánica Moderna.

Tavid Mulder teaches literature and interdisciplinary studies at Emerson College and Boston College. His research and teaching interests include Latin American literature, global modernism, dialectical criticism, and the novel. Tavid’s book was released in August of 2023, and you can find more information on the publisher’s website.  Congratulations Tavid!